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Changxing Ro-spring Road Facilities Co., Ltd

Changxing Ro-spring Road Facilities Co., Ltd


Changxing Ro-spring Road Facilities Co., Ltd
About Us
Changxing Ro spring Company is located in Changxing of Zhejiang Province close to Shanghai We are the high tech enterprises that specialized in developing and manufacturing new composite materials the domestic professional manufacturer of the most superior BMC SMC composite slatted flooring Our company has ability to independently research and development and possess the leading technology of production of BMC SMC composite manhole covers gratings gully communication manhole cover water meter box and BMC SMC slatted flooring enjoy high reputation in the domestic market We have the excellent fame in the composite industry Especially we are always the pioneer brand in the composite slatted...

Categories and Products

Composite Manhole Cover

Composite Gully Grating

Composite Manhole Chamber

Composite Slatted Floor

Composite Lawn Manhole Cover

Linear Trench Drains

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